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With the help of a rotating tool at least two separated raw materials are combined to form, so called slurry, The production of slurry requires not only active materials but also conductive additives, solvents, and binders.

  • - overview

    A distinction is made between mixing(dry mixing) and dispersing(wet mixing). In addition, the process can be performed under vacuum to avoid gas inclusions.
    The choice of the mixing and dispersing sequence must be adapted to the electrode design to be produced.

    The onward transport to the process step "Coating" takes places through pipework or in sealed storage tanks.
    Active materials, conductive additives, solvents and binders are purchased components for many cell manufacturers.

  • - Turn-key

    A project to establish the entire process of Mixing Line, including mixing facilities, control and piping, such as the supply of molecules, slurry manufacturing and slurry transfer in the secondary battery mixing process.
    Recognized its competitiveness in the global markets such as Korea, the United States, China and Europe.

    - R&D

      Throug continuous R&D research, we have developed a mixer   that applies new technology in the mixing process

  • - Machine

    Based on the vast experience and technical expertise, We developed the 'PD Mixer.' This system provides reliable mixing, atomization, and decentralization while sustaining homogeneity of the compound.

    - Powder Transfer System

        State of the art high efficient & low-cost system     transferring powder by using vacuum (Patented).