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We, RJC, are also dealing with various services such as man-power that includes machinery rental service, consulting and grinding services. Each has competitive experiences and those are necessary in secondary battery industry.

  • - overview

    Providing Machines instrallation and relocation service and there are many fitters, whose experiences are outstandingly qualified not only in Europe, but globally

    - Equipment_machine installation & relocation

    1 Heavy lifting                                            2 Crane Services

    Our fitters have been doing various project, trasporting heavy machines and supplying, building such equipment like crane, foundation for machines, sheds and many more other services to do with operations of factories

  •       Service   and   investment  consulting

          RJC Holdings Co., Ltd. is a global general trading company       that is promoting business expansion by selling relevant       products to battery manufacturers and finished car companies       in significant target markets. Europe and North America and       providing continuous on-site local service based on       partnerships with promising Korean companies in crucial process equipment. critical materials and components that customers need for manufacturing rechargeable battery cells, modules, and pack systems by knowing rapidly changing market fluctuations in a timely manner and the accumulated experience 10 years overseas sales and marketing ativities in global rechargeable battery industry market where new growth is expected.
    We provide the local workers required for the post-sales installation work to Korean equipment companies at a competitive cost in cooperation with local Polish partner companies and continew to expand our business with providing consistent service by the regular inspection service and renovation work required by the customer's demand.
    Besides, we promote the consulting service business about new business through establishment of a cooperation system between companies as well as information gathering for development with discovery of new technologies required by the market through close collaboration with funding for emerging and start-up tech companies and participate in investment projects with human resource support.
    We are continually making efforts to grow and for our customers.

  • - Overview

    We have a strong global network and ensure an excellent development, implementation and coordination of international project.
    This business domain is divided into four sectors - packing, surface solutions, Engineering, Rollers.

    - Business Domain

    1 Surface Solution                                    2 Rollers

    Rotogravure and embossing cylinders,         We have been developing and producing
    Offering a strong technical expertise in        rollers for a wide range of applications.
    the field of surface design                          With interdisciplinary experience, in-depth                                                                know-how, we offer customers constructive

    3 Engineering                                          4 Packaging

         As an international leader in packaging      business, we support customers along the      entire pre-press process from the initial idea
         to the finished product